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provides housing solutions built on the love of Jesus where individuals experiencing homelessness can live, heal, and give back to their community.

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HOPE ON THE WAY endeavors to be a transformation center that will provide safe housing, community resources, and an atmosphere conducive to reproducing hope.


We aim to address homelessness in Austin, TX by equipping the local community with helpful resources that enable mental, physical, and spiritual healing.


We are creating a path to healing that activates people’s God-given giftings so they see their lives restored and are able to sow back into their thriving community through joyful giving.

Solving Homelessness in Austin, TX



To share the HOPE of Jesus, by building safe communities and providing services that light THE WAY toward healthy living with opportunities for advancement and fulfillment of God-given purposes.

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We are official nonprofit participants in Amplify Austin Day - the biggest giving day of the year in Central Texas! Help us continue our work bringing hope and healing to the homeless community in the Austin area by donating today.

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Weekly Radio Show:

Join us live on The Bridge Austin, KTXW, FM 101.1 every Sunday at 2 pm or catch the replay by clicking the button below.  Your hosts, Lorie Meynig and Barbara Bucklin, are bringing hope, healing and joy to the homeless in Austin and around the world.


Organizational Goals and Insights

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Our first step in helping the unhoused community in Austin is establishing a safe place for women.

This involves two things:


Helping Women First

Emergency Women’s Shelter provides emergency shelter, counseling, and case management at a confidential, secure location for homeless women and children.


A Women’s Home provides an intimate, safe community as a next step for six or seven women. This discipling home will be close to a bus line, within walking distance to shopping, groceries, and job opportunities as women heal and grow together in a healthy community.

To help us bring this vision to fruition, contact HOPE ON THE WAY or donate here:

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Immediate access to a safe environment where anyone can show up as they are and receive help and love. 


As a person transitions from the street, they have the opportunity to move from a tent to a dormitory to individual housing.


Provide a modicum of safety and security missing in life on the street, which builds a foundation for healthy relationships.


Deal with childhood trauma and establish a foundation on the word of God that restores freedom through the Father's love.


On-site community services to grow people in spiritual and emotional maturity as they step into their God-given identity.


Restore peace and joy by creating opportunities to seed back into the community through cheerful giving of Godly talents.


Teach financial accountability and communication skills through programs/mentors that optimize physical and mental healing.

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From Emergency Shelter to Permanent Housing

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Service Center

Open to Walk Ins

Daily Free Food

Medical Services

Showers / Toiletries

Clothes / Laundry

Mailing Address


On-Site Partners

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Learn more about the growing epidemic of homelessness in Michelle Steeb's book "Answers Behind The Red Door: Battling The Homeless Epidemic."

You can purchase the book here.

Learn about the explosion of homelessness in the United States today in this article by Jamie Hammond.

Read the article here.

Powerful Prayer by Barbara Bucklin at Hope on the Way meeting.

Sergeant Drew McAngus discusses the homeless crisis in Austin, Texas.

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Thank you for partnering with us!

Your Donations are an Investment in Transforming Lives

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Hope On The Way

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Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

John 14:6

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